Eco-Friendly Way to Ease the Itch

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Eco-Friendly Way to Reduce Bugs in Your Backyard

It has been a rainy couple of months- and in my backyard, the rain has brought a monsoon of mosquitos. I have found myself waging a battle against the bugs with citronella plants, candles, and bug spray – all which have helped to an extent when sitting in the backyard, but still, the little buggers continue to feast on my legs and arms.


How do we find relief from these insects? Foster the ecosystem around your home to reduce the mosquito population & use an all natural salve to ease the itch.



How can we naturally remedy the mosquito epidemic? Make friends with our neighboring mammals: bats. I used to be terrified of bats – then I was educated on the benefits of having them around. Bats are a nature’s solution to reducing the mosquito population. Encouraging bats to hang out around your backyard can significantly decrease pesky mosquitos; In normal conditions, bats can eat up to 1,000 insects per hour.1 Other benefits - Bats assist in pollinating plants and - studies show-  save corn farmers over $1 billion annually by controlling insect populations that cause blight, fungi growth, and damage to the crops. 2

To draw these useful allies to your yard, help create a habitat for our furry friends. Install a bat house –Follow these guidelines when installing your bat house.

  1. Do not install the bat house on a tree. Predators – 0wls – can access a bat house easily if on a tree and destroy the safe habitat
  2. Install the bat house on a pole or on the side of your house under the eaves of your roof. Installing the bat house under the eaves of your roof will assist with temperature control during the winter. Installing the bat house on a pole in the back yard lets you enjoy the flight of these creatures at night.
  3. Install the bat house at least 10 to 15 feet above the ground. Bats need room to drop out of the bat house and catch the wind to take flight.


Where do I get a Bat House?

The Bear Den sells an affordable bat house on our website and will ship it to you for free! To help our customers beat the bugs and to encourage a healthy ecosystem, the Bear Den bat house has been discounted. CLICK HERE to view the item.

Ease the Itch

To provide you with relief from your insect bites, our friends at Bear Earth Herbals created a wonderful, all natural salve, Rescue Salve. I love this product; I use it for bug bites, small cuts, and on the annual bout of swimmer’s itch. CLICK HERE to view the product.




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