November Birthstones - Topaz & Citrine

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November Birthstones - Topaz & Citrine

Happy Birthday all you November born! We did a little research on your birthstone - read on to learn more!

Topaz, a stone that represents strength and beauty, is one of our favorite gemstones here at The Bear Den. This stone along with Citrine Quartz, are the two birthstones for the month of November. Blue topaz is also the stone for the 4th wedding anniversary.

Topaz and Citrine commonly have a yellow hue when found in nature; because of this, these stones have been mistaken for each other throughout history. Though these two stones look alike, they are composed of completely different minerals. Citrine is quartz, meaning it is composed of silicone dioxide; Citrine gets its yellow hue from inclusions of colloidal iron hydrates. Topaz, on the other hand, is a silicate of aluminum, containing fluorine and hydroxyl. Both stones can be mined in the US – specifically California, Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, and New Hampshire. These can also be found in Brazil, Australia, Germany, and several other countries around the world.

Unlike Citrine, Topaz can be found or dyed to be any color of the rainbow. Most commonly, topaz is found with a yellow hue. The most valuable of topaz is called the imperial topaz. This topaz is fire colored and is very rare.

Blue topaz is very popular and inexpensive; this is commonly faceted and set in jewelry. The Bear Den has several stunning necklaces and earrings made with blue topaz. CLICK HERE to see our selection.  

Citrine quartz comes in several hues; from yellows to oranges to browns. If you have visited our store, you know we love the look of natural stone. We have a beautiful necklace and earring set featuring citrine with beautiful color variations set in 14k Gold Filled chains. CLICK HERE to view.

Metaphysical Characteristics:

It is said Topaz is a stone of love and good fortune, and is highly effective for bringing successful attainment of goals. It is a good stone for attracting the right person into one’s life, for friendship, love or business, or to improve existing relationships. It encompasses honesty, faithfulness and trust.

Throughout history, people believed that citrine could calm and soothe anger and manifest desires, specifically prosperity. Citrine has been called The Merchant’s Stone as legends say the stone is known for its properties in acquiring and maintaining wealth and success. The stone is also said to spark creativity and imagination. To leverage these supposed ‘properties’ ancient Egyptians used citrine gemstones as talismans, ancient Greeks carved iconic images into them, and Roman priests wore citrine stones in their rings.

Both gemstones are undeniably beautiful and are a great addition to any person’s jewelry collection. Happy birthday to all of you November born out there!


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