The Tale of Tumeric

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The Tale of Tumeric

The Tale of Tumeric


If you’ve ever had a curry – you’ll quickly recognize the distinctive yellow hue.   Turmeric is what provides curry and mustard with the well-known vermilion color.  As a spice, turmeric has been used in Asia and India for thousands of years.    Now, clinical studies have found that curcumin, a component of the golden spice, carries significant anti-inflammatory properties. 1



What is inflammation?

Inflammation is part of your body’s response system. When you get a cut, the area turns red and swollen; this is inflammation. There are two types of inflammation - acute & chronic. Acute inflammation is the immediate response to a cut, bruise, or illness. "Acute inflammation is how your body fights invaders that may cause infection, as well as being a part of the healing process," says Dr. Luster, Professor at Harvard Medical School. "In this way, inflammation is a good thing, because it protects the body."3


Chronic inflammation differs from acute inflammation. The same reaction as in acute inflammation takes place, but the reaction persists. "Inflammation can travel throughout the body and cause problems all over,” says Dr. Luster.3


Heart of Gold Tumeric Tea
The Bear Den is excited to bring our customers a Heart of Gold loose leaf tea – featuring organic turmeric and star anise.  This tea, and the others in our collection, are handpicked and harvested from pristine places throughout Northern Michigan, slowly dried, and mixed in small batches right here in Traverse City.  


Jay, one of The Bear Den owners and devout coffee drinker for 30+ years, swears by the Heart of Gold Tea.   “I used to take turmeric as a supplement in capsule form and that seemed to work well for me.   When Sierra from Bear Earth Herbals brought the tea to our shop, I had a sample of the Heart of Gold and couldn’t believe how well the anise and turmeric blended together.   It’s a very mild and easy to drink cup, and you can tell the ingredients are fresh.  I’ve switched to the tea instead of the capsules now.”



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*We are a gift shop, not your doctor. Make sure you consult them, too.


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