Local Artist Marlene Bienkowski is a true natural talent when it comes to pottery. Before she started her family, she took a pottery class at NMC in Traverse City. After she left NMC, she started her family and career and her art took was placed on hold. Several years ago, she discovered a local pottery studio that offered classes and took it up again. Now that she has retired and her kids are grown, her pottery bug has thrived.

Why Hungry Hollow? A few years ago a local ‘old-timer’ mentioned that she lived ‘over there in Hungry Hollow’. She loved the term and, of course, decided that when she sold her pottery, they would come from Hungry Hollow Pottery.  

“I hope people enjoy using the little fun things I make as much as I enjoy making them. And I hope that the more functional items can bring a little joy to people in their everyday tasks.” – Marlene Bienkowski