Sculpted Paintings  

Michigan Artist Nancy Farley is not only a painter, she is a sculptor. She combined both artforms to bring you sculpted art that actually stands out from the canvas. Self-taught, Nancy created a blend of paints and chemicals to allow her to make 3-Dimensional art with depth from color and sculpting. For this reason, her creations are all original pieces of art. From floral depictions to outdoor scenery, lakes to farms, Nancy has used her talented new-age style to create beautiful works of art that appeal to the masses.

Each piece of art is created in a 7 to 10 day process; her unique style and exceptional eye make for beautiful creations that are a wonderful addition to any home or business. Nancy uses creative edge canvases, so you can enjoy her artwork from all vantage points.

“Painting and creating on canvas bring me peace and tranquility; it is a passion as well as a desire to express myself.” – Nancy Farley