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Denise Cassidy Wood

I have found great passion in creating the colors and textures which eventually bloom into a bold, vibrant flower. Being inspired by the serenity of nature and the energizing effect of vibrant colors, flowers provide a beautiful palette for me to explore. For me, painting is an opportunity to escape from the daily stresses of life and offers me the freedom to express my feelings on canvas. I enjoy the versatility of acrylic paints and the opportunity it provides to integrate mixed media. I continue to explore new ways to incorporate a variety of textural elements to each of my paintings.

DCW Inspired, a collection of handbags, accessories and gifts inspired by my original artwork was launched in 2019. This ‘wearable’ collection is my way of sharing my vibrant images at a more accessible price point. DCW Inspired products can be found at select specialty shops and galleries throughout USA.
It is my mission to spread joy and healing with my artwork. I am proud to say that my work has been
chosen for permanent installation in several Michigan hospitals and medical centers as part of their "Healing Arts” initiative, including multiple Henry Ford Hospitals, U of M Medical Centers and Beaumont Medical Centers. In addition to hospital installations, my artwork has been commissioned by Michigan
businesses as part of their permanent decor, including several cannabis dispensaries and local eateries.