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Northern Elderberry is a women-owned company, run by my daughter Karla, and me - Lori. Our interests have always been natural, healthy living, and sharing wellness with others. Our family comes from a long line of health-conscious people. Our grandma taught us how to use herbs and plants to stay well, and our grandpa was a beekeeper near Detroit, Michigan. I used to sit with them while they sold their honey at farmers' markets. Occasionally, they would bring me to different health food stores to replenish the stock of their golden honey. 

The first time Karla and I set up a table at the farmers market to sell our elderberry, I remembered our grandparents and their honey. I got emotional thinking about how bringing holistic, healthy foods and herbs to the community was a generational tradition. They had thick, golden, nectar from the beehives. We have the rich, dark juice of the elderberry turned into a delicious syrup. 

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