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The splendor of fully embodying an artistic lifestyle was always celebrated while I was growing up. I was encouraged to explore my creative interests and flourished when I immersed myself in the sheer delight of creating art. Although I loved painting, my younger self was insecure about pursuing art as a career. It just did not seem practical and I convinced myself that art would serve me best as a “hobby”. My apprehension led me on a detour where I completed college and secured an amazing job with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game from 2011-2021.  Fortunately, my love for the outdoors complimented this career choice, but forcing my artistic side into dormancy left my soul in longing. An essential part of who God made me to be and the gift he adorned me with was not being used to its fullest potential.


While I left the nest in 2006, it took 15 years for me to make the terrifying decision to pursue my heart's truest desires. With unwavering support and encouragement from my husband, in 2021 I became a fulltime mother and Artist! From a small town in Michigan to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, one could say I chased my childhood dreams of doing what I love…I just took the scenic route.


Seeking endless adventure and inspiration for my life, I find constant renewal and creative energy to paint. From the peaceful (and exhausting) satisfaction of summiting an alpine mountain to the crystals that dance on the snow when the lighting is just right… Every day I see art. These are words I strive to live by as I transform the beauty around me into creative renditions of the little moments that make life so special. 


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