The Forager - Rock Hunting & Foraging Bag

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Now available - our foraging & rock hunting bag - The Forager. Hunt for rocks and shells on the beach or forage for mushrooms, morels, berries, leeks, and much more on your nature walks and leave the dirt/seeds/spores behind!

Featuring durable 18 ounce canvas, these bags have a rubber mesh bottom and adjustable shoulder strap. The should strap is removable for those light foraging days in the forest; simply clip The Forager to your belt loop. 

The canvas is woven and dyed in the USA and we make these bags from scratch and embroider them ourselves! Thank you for supporting our small business! 

If a color is showing as backordered, you can still order the color - we typically ship within 1 to 2 weeks. If the color is in stock, we get it out as soon as possible and email you tracking information. As always - FREE SHIPPING! 

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